Clancy-Smith Groups

I am passionate about musical theatre and try and see as many musicals, plays, operas, concerts and movies as our budget permits. Several years ago I began purchasing tickets through Ticketmaster Groups and i’ve been fortunate that this relationship continues and my goal is to offer my group tickets to friends and family who also enjoy an afternoon or evening at the theatre.

How it works: I will obtain a seat allocation for multiple dates and for the matinee and/or evening performance across two or three seat categories; Producer/Premium, A reserve and sometimes B reserve. This allows people to purchase seats that suit their budget for either the matinee or an evening performance. Usually final payment is due 8 weeks prior to the event which allows you to hold onto your money for a bit longer. As I also hold seats across multiple dates there is some flexibility on confirming the performance that you wish to attend.

Once your ticket request is completed, the Ticketmaster refund policy comes into effect which I have included here for your information.

Ticketmaster refund policy

Refunds, Exchanges and Replacement Tickets

Before purchasing tickets, carefully review the event and seat selection details. Ticketmaster does not issue an exchange or refund for a lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed ticket (including where a ticket does not arrive in the mail) unless (a) Ticketmaster can identify at the Venue the actual seat corresponding to the ticket for that event, or in the case of a general admission ticket, Ticketmaster is able to identify (acting reasonably) and cancel the relevant ticket, and (b) you give Ticketmaster a reasonable amount of notice ahead of the event that the ticket has been lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed, in which case Ticketmaster will issue a replacement ticket to you for a reasonable administration fee. A change in personal circumstances does not entitle a ticket holder to return or exchange a ticket.

Subject to any statutory rights of refund (including, without limitation, the provisions of the Australian Consumer Law), if an event takes place then generally there is no right to a refund or exchange, including where a ticket holder cannot attend because of adverse weather conditions.